Oct, 10 2014
Haein Park
For the last several weeks, I have been participating in our Menu Development sessions in the kitchen at the restaurant.  It all started with a casual conversation in Chef Alan's office, where he turned a negative situation I was going through...
Oct, 02 2014
Alan Wong
Yesterday morning, we had an impromptu class for Miya (Chef de Cuisine), Kelly (Sous Chef), and James (Assistant Sous Chef). We received the first carcass of Niihau Lamb . This is just one leg taken apart. When you butcher the animal, you not...
Sep, 22 2014
Alan Wong
This past Friday night, at the Halekulani Hotel, we prepared a dinner for the rehab hospital of the pacific.  Our chefs, Miya, Kelly, Camille, Nick and I worked with the hotel staff and Executive Chef Vikram Garg.  The dinner was a...