Jan, 29 2014
Alan Wong
Grant Sato, chef instructor at KCC, TV host, coach of the KCC competition team,  came to teach us two things: Homemade tofu, and his Okinawan soki soup.  I always like making things from scratch.  I saw tofu being made in huge...
Jan, 22 2014
Miki Iwai
Reflection #2           Although I am working only as an extern at the restaurant, I feel like I am part of the team.  I have come to notice how the company culture of the restaurant emphasizes teamwork and continuous...
Jan, 17 2014
Miki Iwai
Miki is a KCC Culinary School student externing in our kitchen part-time.  Reflection #1           An externship at Alan Wong’s is a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly challenge one’s skills and endurance.  ...