Jan, 14 2014
McClinton Degala October 17, 2013 Reflection #6              I decided to stop by on Friday to help prep for the Iolani event on Saturday. My tasks were simple: to take out the red onion butter from the freezer...
Jan, 10 2014
*Chef Vivian is the Pastry Chef at Alan Wong's Honolulu, Chef Miya is the Chef de Cuisine at Alan Wong's Honolulu This is Mac's reflection on his experiences in the kitchen at Alan Wong's Honolulu. McClinton Degala October 8,...
Jan, 07 2014
Alan Wong
(Osechi Ryori) It's a week into the New Year, but I just wanted to share. New year's eve traditions, to me, mean going to mom's house for her home cooking. Her very own version of Osechi Ryori, the customary foods seen in Japanese homes, ...