Feb, 28 2014
Alan Wong
The first mango tree flowers of the year.  If the winds don't blow them down it could be a  great Year for one of my favorite seasons, mango season!
Feb, 27 2014
Kerry Ichimasa
Come and get it! If you thought Alan Wong’s was all about seafood, we’ve got something new for you to try!  Come on down and have a go at one of our newest dishes!  This rib steak is smothered in “Crazy Wong Sauce” on an Okinawan Sweet...
Feb, 26 2014
Alan Wong
Mark schooled me on the marriage of a French Roquefort cheese paired with a Sauternes wine.  Recently, one of our staff told me a story about how her father used to keep a certain part of the kitchen to himself and no one was allowed to touch...