Feb, 25 2014
Alan Wong
This is the first time we are dealing with 13 different wines from different vineyards to make one blend for a private label wine with Van Williamson. Needless to say, it’s a lot of fun. It seems daunting, but the process is easy to follow.  In...
Feb, 21 2014
Kerry Ichimasa
Yesterday was a day about wisdom. There was a wonderful couple in for dinner last night celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  Striking up  conversation, I asked what the secret was to being happily married for that long. They both...
Feb, 20 2014
Kerry Ichimasa
  On Tuesday morning, we had a chance to meet with Alice Inoue who spoke to us a bit on dealing with every day “noise” and how it affects us in our daily lives.  Learning to filter what will actually be beneficial to you is one of the...