Feb, 18 2014
Miki Iwai
Reflection #4             I am starting to get the hang of what needs to be done and which stations use what product.  My biggest challenge is still my lack of good knife skills.  It has been a slow and...
Feb, 12 2014
McClinton Degala October 24, 2013 Reflection #7 I thought I was doing pretty well with my reflections but with chef Miya's feedback on it, I was pretty wrong. Wrong people, wrong products, etc. I do feel a little defeated in the inside because I...
Feb, 11 2014
Alan Wong
Yesterday at Menu Development, I had Miya do what I asked Yukio to do last week: to make me a certain list of Japanese dishes that they know how.  Today was about the cooks not only seeing and tasting Miya's Japanese dishes that she grew up...