Feb, 05 2014
Alan Wong
A picture is a moment in time, recorded forever. It's in the eye of the beholder, of the person taking the picture, and it means something to them.  I take these kinds of pictures and it irritates some of the people that I send it to.  I...
Feb, 04 2014
Alan Wong
Menu development day was yesterday.  I enjoy teaching,  and I enjoy creating.  These are the two things I enjoy the most.  What I have been doing lately is talking about the classics, explaining the how's and the why's.  ...
Feb, 03 2014
Alan Wong
     Vivian, our pastry chef, made this for me on Friday, it is gau. She didn’t use the traditional brown sugar, and made it in the shape of coi,  a symbol of good luck and many other things.   I really appreciated the...