Mar, 31 2014
Nicole Ng
I have had the opportunity to go to Hawaii’s Plantation Village several times.  On many of these occasions, I’ve been able to meet a different docent and hear new stories.  This is what makes each visit new and exciting.  Although we...
Mar, 31 2014
Kerry Ichimasa
Last week, I was able to show the Alan Wong’s ohana around one of my second homes, Kumuola Farms. We had an excursion there with some of the managers and my coworkers. I first found out about Kumuola Farms through a service learning class at KCC....
Mar, 31 2014
Kathy Kawashige
On Thursday morning, we took an excursion to the United Fishing Agency (UFA) at Pier 38 to see the fish auction.  UFA is one of the places on our company’s hit list of things you must see and experience, so we took some of the new managers that...