Mar, 27 2014
Alan Wong
Went to the fish auction this morning with some staff and visited Brooks Takenaka.  I learned something new today, "Captains of boats that treat their crew with respect and are nicer,  produce fish of higher quality than otherwise"-----...
Mar, 24 2014
Leigh Ito
Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom.  It continues to happen at every corner, if you look for the opportunities and participate. I was fortunate to attend the first Hawaii Aquaponic Product Conference organized by the Hawaii...
Mar, 17 2014
Miya Nishimura
Samantha is still on the journey. She continued to work on her Irish soda bread, turning it into a dessert now. She did a mock plate up to see if what she was thinking would look good on the plate. She didn’t have all the components she wanted but...