Mar, 14 2014
Kerry Ichimasa
A few years back when we had menu development Chef Alan would bring an ingredient and we would do a "quick-fire challenge" with the cooks who were in attendance. They were always common items you could find anywhere like zucchini or yellow squash....
Mar, 12 2014
Jill Briney
On Saturday I had the opportunity to join the Alan Wong’s team on a day trip to Hilo for the annual Adopt a Beehive donor appreciation event.  This event brings together both sides of the Adopt a Beehive program; students from the University of...
Mar, 11 2014
Kerry Ichimasa
Yesterday we shared a story with our staff titled “Are You A Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean”.  It is a story about perspective, adversity and how you view the things that are happening in your life.  In a business that requires you to...