Apr, 04 2014
Jordan is in pastry, and in charge of a dessert for an event benefitting Kauai Community Colleges culinary program tonight.  He actually graduated from there and was nervous about going home to show how much he has learned, through this dessert...
Apr, 04 2014
Jill Briney
Tuesday morning, I entered the King Street dining room to find several of our chefs and managers gathered around a table enjoying cioppino prepared by Chef Alan.  As so many times happens, Chef Alan spent the morning in the kitchen teaching and...
Apr, 03 2014
Haein Park
One of my favorite hobbies is cooking. I may not be a chef, nor a real cook, but I make do with what I have and what I know, and I do my best to learn what I don't. Yesterday, Chef Alan made an impromptu cioppino, and invited some of the team to...