May, 19 2014
Never would I have thought that I would ever travel to China. It was always on my list of places to visit, but not at the top. Going to see the Great Wall of China was on my bucket list but never would I have imagined ever being able to go. I am...
May, 13 2014
Leigh Ito
As we departed for our trip at the threshold of King Street's 19th anniversary this April, it seemed apropos that history and culture is what resonated most with me on our journey to China. This was my second Connoisseur's Cruise with Chef, and...
May, 12 2014
Haein Park
“When you are hungry, you get fed” Every Monday morning at Alan Wong’s Honolulu, Chef Alan and the Back of the House staff have something called, “Menu Development.” This is a time where Chef Alan and all of the kitchen staff get the uninterrupted...