Apr, 18 2018
On our Connoisseur's Cruise, Sea Days are for more than just taking in the beautiful scenery and sailing from one place to the next. We gather together for some interactive and educational fun! Wine Director Mark Shishido's Cocktail Development...
Apr, 04 2018
We're so happy to hear that many of our guests are enjoying the Sangrias that were inspired by our Connoisseur's Cruise to New Zealand and Australia! Sangrias are so easy to make, and they are great beverages to serve at potlucks with family and...
Mar, 19 2018
Evening Extraordinaire 2018 Taste of Kyoto We had the pleasure of participating in Evening Extraordinaire 2018 at 53 By the Sea alongside Michelin-starred Chef Kunio Tokuoka of Kyoto Kitcho and Honolulu’s Chef Chris Kajioka of Senia. This is...