Feb, 19 2012
  Hong finally got it, and he finally finished his fish course.  He said to himself that he wasn’t happy with the original dish because of the feedback he got while running it as a special.  So what he finally did was let me...
Feb, 18 2012
Farmer Series Dinner Dessert featuring Hanaoka Farms Lilikoi (passion fruit) Michelle Karr, our pastry chef,  is playing in liquid nitrogen to come up with a dessert featuring Hanaoka Farms Lilikoi (passion fruit) and Waiaiwi (strawberry...
Feb, 16 2012
Loukaniko Scrambled Eggs and Loukaniko Penne Pasta with Arugula I was hungry for sausage this morning.  Andrew Koser, our AM receiver, makes most of our sausage mixtures.  Loukaniko is a Greek style sausage that makes for a great...