May, 26 2016
Alan Wong
In a few weeks, we will be embarking on our fourth Connoisseur's Cruise with Seawind Tours.  This time around we will be exploring the Baltic Sea.  This weekend we put on a small event for those joining us on the cruise, and we made a few...
May, 09 2016
Celebrating the successes of our employees is important to us.  We had a great week as we watched our culinary team rally behind our Assistant Sous Chef Camille Cadiz as she prepared to execute her first solo Next Generation Dinner. Camille...
Apr, 29 2016
Alan Wong
We’ve had a lot of different specials running at The Pineapple Room, and that’s because our sous chef, James Aung, from Alan Wong’s Honolulu has been working with the team at The Pineapple Room to implement new ideas, flavors, and concepts to the...