Alan Wong's Shanghai

Bringing Modern Hawaii Cuisine to Shanghai

Recognized as the Master of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, Chef Alan Wong draws upon the unique ethnic influences of Hawaii and the Cultural diversity of its people, traditions, and lifestyles.  Chef Wong brings the same spirit with him to Asia, excited to explore the flavors of Shanghai, inspiring his own interpretive cuisine.

“What I like about Shanghai is that the restaurant has taught me so many things.  It has brought me to a place that I had never been before.  I’m still learning, and I appreciate all that I’ve learned culinarily because of all the things we created and developed through countless sessions in the kitchen.” – AW

Alan Wong’s Shanghai represents the Chef’s first venture in China and his return to Asia. Serving Modern Hawaii Cuisine, Chef Wong has created dishes that reflect Hawaii’s cultural diversity, cooking with quality ingredients in the style in which people eat in the islands.  Through his culinary creations, Wong brings a taste of Hawaii to Shanghai. Wong looks for the highest quality products and seeks inspiration from local flavors. 



Michelin Guide 2017, Recommended Restaurant

C-Trip, 2017 World Traveler’s Pick

ShanghaiWOW, 2016 Most Luxurious Restaurant

ShanghaiWOW, 2016 Top Restaurant

That’s Shanghai, 2016 Best New Restaurant

TimeOut Shanghai, 2017 Chef of the Year – Beth Cosgrove

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TravelZoo, 2016 Best New Restaurant of the Year

TravelZoo, 2016 Most Popular Restaurant of the Year


Fri, 10.06.2017
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Alan Wong’s Honolulu

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Fri, 11.10.2017 to Sun, 11.19.2017
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