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Chef Alan Wong has teamed up with the University of Hawaii at Hilo to build awareness of the critical plight of honey bees and to promote local solutions to sustaining the honey bee industry. You can help by adopting a beehive at UH Hilo and supporting the research and development of healthy beehive practices in Hawaii!

For more information, visit:
Sweet Sustainability, University of Hawaii Foundation
Lorna Arita-Tsutsumi, University of Hawaii at Hilo

Adoption Form
Informational Poster

photo galleries:
HNL Donor Appreciation Event
Bee-Coming Sustainable 2013 

news articles:
Ka Lono Hanakahi, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, March 2013
Scholarship benefits student beekeepers and promotes sustainable agriculture, Chancellor's Blog, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, 2/27/13

Beekeeping in Hawaii (in Japanese) by scholarship recipient Shohei Yamaki


Bee Sustainable Adopt-A-Hive, Part 1

Bee Sustainable Adopt-A-Hive, Part 2

Adopt A Bee Hive 2012 - 1 year