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Kulia i ka nu'u "Strive to reach the summit"
"Be the best you can be" - Alan Wong

The success of Alan Wong’s Restaurants is attributed to the passion and attitude of the people that work here. We are each committed to learning, growing and never settling for anything but the heart and soul’s best. We’ve come to expect that of ourselves daily, and do so in order to create an environment where others can be their best and reach their goals.

Our staff reflects a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, so we know that with the right attitude, knowledge and skill can be acquired and learned. As Chef says, “If Alan Wong can, anybody can. Come learn how!”

Hungry? If you’re eager, passionate and serious about growing — and growing with Alan Wong’s Restaurants — we’d love to hear from you.

Please send your resume, salary history and your thoughts on why you would like to work with Alan Wong to:

        Alan Wong's Restaurants
        1857 S. King Street, Suite 208
        Honolulu, Hawaii 96826
        P: 808.949.1939 | F: 808.951.9520

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