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"One of my goals today is to help our staff achieve their goals and become more successful. The Pineapple Room was born when one of my chefs expressed a desire to have his own restaurant to run.” (AW) One individual’s inspiration and goal sparked a good pairing with Chef Wong’s simmering ideas for breakfast and lunch. As King Street only serves dinner, there naturally evolved a need for a place that would serve a more casual menu throughout the day.

Today, The Pineapple Room welcomes guests with a warm, plantation elegance all its own. The quiet bustle of friendly hosts and wait staff prepare a relaxing and comfortable environment that has become a definite local favorite.

Serving breakfast on weekends, lunch daily and dinner six days a week, the Hawaii Regional Cuisine menu presents an impressive range of dishes evoking many of Hawaii’s ethnic flavors. Our culinary team piques the palates of visitors, and locals alike, with creative twists on island classics highlighting Hawaii’s natural flavors.