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"My friends thought I was nuts opening a restaurant in Hawaii on the 3rd floor of an office building with no parking and no ocean view.” (AW) Yet nearly 15 years later, the unique location of Alan Wong’s Honolulu continues to be the heart of where it all started and where it all happens.

By day, the restaurant is a culinary studio experimenting with new flavors and new ideas. Where dishes are tested and born; where brainstorming sessions give rise to innovative methods and partnerships; where staff is trained and goals are set; where meals are shared with the senior citizens of our local community; where preparations are made for large charity event dinners; the center point from which AWR is able to explore, learn and serve.

By night, the kitchen orchestrates a buzz of simmering flavors amidst the sounds of sizzling pans, chopping knives and culinarians forewarning hot dishes or an opening oven door. Unbeknownst to the guests, this energetic whiz of activity is evidenced only by the aromatics of the dishes that seem to effortlessly arrive, beautifully plated, on the linen covered table before them. Ah, delight!

As Chef Alan Wong ceaselessly raises the bar for creativity, quality and service, your experience here will truly reflect Hawaii Regional Cuisine at its finest — a menu inspired by the diverse ethnic cultures found in Hawaii and by the freshly farmed ingredients from our islands.

This flagship restaurant is kept smoothly running under the care of General Manager Kerry Ichimasa. Evening-to-evening, our knowledgeable host and wait staff warmly greet and serve our guests. Our team of passionate chefs and culinarians help set the pace as they passionately explore new combinations of flavors and textures, developing and overseeing the menu and kitchen. The Pastry team compliment the dinner course with a delightful finale of desserts that could easily be indulged on their own. And what to drink? Wine Director Mark Shishido knows just the perfect vintage or quenching beverage to pair.

Together with Chef Wong, their passion, creativity and ”aloha” attract local and international guests to our King Street home. We hope you, too, will join us soon to experience and “Taste Hawaii!”