Feb, 16 2016
An Excerpt from Melanie Inouye, chef de partie at Alan Wong’s Honolulu: "I really enjoyed the trip, from the second we all got into the car heading to the airport; Chef & Leigh were both very willing to answer any questions we had. Everyone we...
Feb, 09 2016
Alan Wong
One of the best trips we take as a team every year is our annual Donor Mahalo event for the Adopt-A-Beehive program. We take a small group of our staff from Honolulu to Hilo where we make some food and beverages, but most importantly we get to say...
Feb, 08 2016
Alan Wong
The team that we’ve assembled in Shanghai has been great.  It’s amazing to all of us how warm and welcoming they’ve been, and we are thankful for their hospitality and kindness on every visit.  Our experiences with them have created...