Oct, 25 2018
Linne Calodo Founded in 1998 by Matt and Maureen Trevisan, Linne Calodo's name pays homage to the rich soils in the esteemed Paso Robles Willow Creek District. In 2002 winemaking facility was built, and in 2005 the first five acres of vines were...
Oct, 18 2018
Weingut Gunderloch Founded in 1890 by the Banker Carl Gunderloch. Since then it has been the passion of the family to focus on the Riesling variety which finds perfect conditions in the vineyards. The 250-million-year-old “Red slate” soil from...
Oct, 12 2018
Sommelier? What is a Sommelier? So. You want to be a Somm? Why? Who in their right mind wants to spend hours upon hours upon hours of their time reading magazines or books about wine, wine making and the history of wine? Writing flashcards, poring...