Today is tax day and it marks the 17th birthday of our restaurant company. We were born on April 15, 1995. Wow,17 years -- I never would have dreamed it. We are still in Maui training and we managed to celebrate after we were done.  What I will cherish the most are all the memories of people, friends, and times we spent together. Tonite was one of them -- popcorn, nuts and olives with a bottle of sake -- with people that I care very much about. They are here on Maui helping me with the training of Amasia and stayed late after a long day's work and reminded me "Hey, Happy Birthday!" Thank you for the reminder and for the impromptu celebration. It never has to be fancy. In fact, these are the kinds of times that I enjoy the most because it's all about the company we keep, how special they are, and how we make our own fun rather than relying on fancy things to make it fun. This is how I grew up, making my own fun, mostly with my sister Bev.

Today was full of lessons, sometimes reminding our younger staff of the life lessons our parents taught us. I feel a duty to teach them as my wish is that, one day, they in turn will teach their kids or their staff the life lessons and life skills necessary to be good people.

Thank you to all of you that called or emailed , wishing us a happy birthday! Most of all, thank you to all of you. You are the reason why we are here still, seventeen years later. We have been blessed with many memories. Thank you for your support, love and friendship.