Yesterday was a great day.  Danny Akaka Jr. and his wife, Anna, came to do a blessing and we had our second day of dry runs serving staff from the hotel.  We met Kahu Lyons Naone from the Grand Wailea Resort and learned a lot of history about this place.

Whenever we go somewhere, we ask permission to come, to be there, to bring our people and to work there.  It is to honor those that were before us, our kupuna, and also to pay respect to our ancestors. That is what the blessing was all about, including the untying of the maile lei entwined together at the entrance which symbolized the cutting of the umbilical cord to giving birth to a new child.  It is very important to do things the right way and teach the younger ones how we should do things. One day, they will carry on the words and actions that we teach. It was a very proud and emotional moment today for all who were present.  It took four years for this day to arrive.  Wow.