Thank you to the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) for this award.  We are very honored and flattered to receive this recognition from the IACP for the Chefs and Restaurants Cookbook Award for The Blue Tomato.  Just like running a restaurant, it took many hands, many minds, and the effort of the entire team to put together The Blue Tomato.

Thank you to Duane Kurisu of aio, parent company of Watermark Publishing, for looking over the manuscript and giving a nod to go ahead with publication.  Thank you to George Engebretson and Dawn Sakamoto of Watermark Publishing for believing in the project.  Thank you to Kurt Osaki and Osaki Creative Design for a wonderfully designed book.  Thank you to David Murphey for taking such great photos.  Thank you to Arnold Hiura for being my co-author and adding so much to the book.  Thank you to Leigh Ito, VP Development for proofing and correcting everything I did.  Thank you to Nicole Leong and Joan Namkoong for working on and proofing each recipe.  Thank you to Wade Ueoka and Michelle Karr-Ueoka for every menu development and recipe testing session, as well as their contribution of recipes to the book. Thank you to Mark Shishido, Kathy Kawashige, Barbara Stange, Nicole Ng, and Amy Takemoto from our restaurants who contributed their words and personal stories.  Thank you to the entire team at Alan Wong’s Restaurants.  I’m happy and proud because it validates what we do on a daily basis. 

I’m also happy that Hawaii gets recognition because we rarely do.  I’m also happy for all the farmers that we recognized and told stories about because they also get national recognition too.  Last but not least, thank you to all of our guests who support us day after day.  We appreciate you, and we look forward to more exciting experiences with you in the future.

~ AW