Never would I have thought that I would ever travel to China. It was always on my list of places to visit, but not at the top. Going to see the Great Wall of China was on my bucket list but never would I have imagined ever being able to go. I am grateful for the opportunity of being able to go and see with my own eyes and learn about food and culture. Learning about culture was evident on this trip through history and through food. Different cultures can share the same values, the same beliefs, the same thoughts. And it was knowing that in the vastness of the world, people can share many similarities. This trip was unforgettable, especially the relationships that were made along the way.  

Thank you to Randy King and his Seawind Travel group, they did an excellent job of arranging all the moving parts. And thank you to the tour guides who shared their vast knowledge of history and religion with us. Thank you also to the crew at Crystal Cruises Crystal Symphony who were more than hospitable arranging for the different events and accommodating to not only us, but every guests' needs. Thank you to Executive Chef Peter Denger along with his kitchen staff in the galley for allowing us into their kitchens, showing us around their facilities and helping us to locate whatever we needed. They run a tight ship and it was a great experience to learn aboard the ship. Never stop learning wherever you go. Pictures and words won’t do the trip or the relationships that were made justice.  

~ Miya Nishimura, Chef de Cuisine (Alan Wong's Honolulu)