Pierson is in the background.  It's a dark picture, however,  it was brightly evident that Pierson and Hong were clearly eager to get on with dinner and be as curious as possible with their experience. They had high expectations.  I said relax, be open, enjoy the moment.  I was really happy that they were asking questions.  They were taking notes, taking pictures, and expressing themselves all through out the dinner.  This, for me, is what makes it worthwhile in taking young culinarians on trips with me because they learn, they become better, they are the hungry ones.  I told them both why I chose them for this trip.  I chose Pierson because he was texting and asking Sonny long distance about the NYC trip. That showed me he was curious and wanted to learn.  I chose Hong because he went to the Pineapple Room in a time of desperate need.  He stepped up to the plate, and his next NGD is on its way.  He has a plan to move up and improve himself.  I came here to Montage last year.  It's a fabulous place, and so the motivation to come back is more to bring new staff with me, versus see the place and experience it again.  Don't get me wrong.  Who wouldn't want to be here? But maybe I should pay my own way and truly take a vacation here the next time, unless, we have young culinarians that want to grow, and we can give them an experience they would never have otherwise.  By the way, dinner was excellent, the service,  outstanding, just like last year.