Graham, one of our cooks, came with us on our field trip to Otsuji Farms, and was inspired.  He is the one from North Carolina who loves farming and ranching and will soon be working at Otsuji Farms on his days off.  We saw a tray of startup plants growing and they were all young, small plants.  I picked one up and said, "I would like to have one tray with all kinds of lettuces presented at the table, (where you) cut off the lettuces right there and serve the guests the salad just like that, with the dressing on the side."  Well,  Graham took that to heart, and he set some tomato water with gelatin on the bottom of this dish, put the assorted greens from Ed Lima's farm on it, and he is running that special tonite.  It looked great, and it tasted very refreshing.