Most of you know that I am a wanna-be golfer. On a recent day this past week I was in the parking lot after golf and saw this sky. This sky was so blue, even this picture doesn't do justice to the beauty I witnessed. 

For me, I hardly get to see the evening sky. Someone asked me if I saw Venus cross the sky this past week and I said no, I was at work.

This week is the US Open in golf. What I like about the Open is the simple fact that it will test every part of the players' game. If you have a weakness, it will be exposed. There are many parts to a decent golf score. There are at least a dozen clubs in your bag, and you need to be good at all twelve in this tournament.  It is no surprise that the only three players under par are veterans of the game; that says something doesn't it? 

The analogy I like to make with this example is to your profession, your trade, your craft, or being a leader or managing people. We all need to work on all facets of our profession in order to be good at what we do. Being the best that you can be requires being good in all phases, otherwise your weaknesses will be exposed. We can get away with not being a long driver on some courses. Or we can get away with not having a good short game on other courses. The toughest courses are the toughest challenges and not only will you need every club in your bag -- you need to be comfortable and competent with all of them.

In the end, in contrast, it's not the club; it's all between the ears.