This is a beautiful room with an awesome view.  I got invited to be on a panel yesterday, speaking to business executives from Japan and some from Hawaii on the subject of "How do we business in Hawaii, local style?"  HAPA creates these exchange visits with other countries. This first one they sent a delegation to Japan, and now they are here to immerse in our culture and hear from business leaders on the subject. It was really interesting. The discussion after ours was on the role of women in Hawaii's businesses.  Some questions:  "how do we hire?,  how do we mentor?  How do we give back to the community?  How do we handle ambiguous situations?"-----------what is meant by "no talk stink"-----throughout, you hear words like compassionate, caring, ohana, neighbors,  communicate, openness.  At first, I thought what would I add to this group, and in the end, I found myself repeating some of the things I teach to the staff. It fit, it was appropriate and I felt good about sharing them .