Chef Chris Damskey is carving the prime rib for the staff.  It is a Grand Opening for the staff, as well as the public, so it is right to be serving them something special like a prime rib lunch with all the fixin's before service starts.  The staff has been  working hard, and it was a really happy moment to watch them enjoy this celebratory meal.  One staffer said she hadn't eaten like this since January.  Most really expressed how much they enjoyed it. 

Tonight was a very special night,  the Grand Opening of Amasia.  We started the evening with a Hawaiian chant and blessing, followed by a Chinese dragon dance,  a Hawaiian ceremony of untying the maile lei, the Japanese ceremony of cracking open the sake barrel, and the Japanese taiko drummers. Wow,  a truly melting pot celebration befitting the opening celebration, as it also celebrates the cuisine of Hawaii as it is today.  Thank you for everyone attending and sharing the moment with us, especially everyone who came from Oahu.