Well,  the second annual is now history. Thank you all for not only assisting with any part of this monumental event, but also for holding down the fort.  I would like to reiterate something to all of you that was in my nightly speeches each evening.  

The real reason why we have this festival is to give back to the community, to give to five charities. One of the five,  the Ag foundation----that helps in educating, research, and helping farmers keep farming on our land.  Two, the CIP, the Culinary Institute of the Pacific-----not only for helping to build the facility on the slopes of Diamond Head at the old Canon Club site, but really helping the next generation of cooks and chefs to further their education here in Hawaii. The third was Leeward CC, their culinary program,  which is dear to me, as I grew up on the Leeward side.  This campus does not have all the bells and whistles, even though newly renovated, it doesn’t have all the money that other schools have-----but what it has at its heart and soul is their faculty.  I am always impressed with their teachers' commitments to the students as they are willing to go beyond the normal call of teaching class in order to give their students a chance to learn outside the classroom with real life opportunities and situations. The fourth, Paepae He'eia, which is about assisting with a fishpond, a result of the old Ahupuaa system that Hawaii had.  Hawaii was one of six cultures, worldwide, that was considered a sustainable culture.  Responsibility, and being good neighbors in this system, had to do with the fact that what happens up top in the mountains affects what happens down by the ocean and fishpond, and also affects what goes back up the mountain in terms of fish.  The fifth,  Papahana Kuaola, once again, assisting by giving back to the Hawaiian community,  for education , research, and funds needed  to restore what we had, keep what we have, and move forward.

The festival was an immense success due to all of the volunteers, the  organizers, the over sixty chefs who came from around the world, all the farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who donated their products, the community for coming out and supporting the events--------all for this.-----------As a result, the spotlight was put onto Hawaii again,  our people, our culture, and onto our products that our farmers and ranchers grow and raise.  It was a win win win for everyone. Thank you everybody.