Saturday March 8 was International Women's Day and in some countries is recognized as a national holiday. How befitting we had a lot of women working the line that night. A couple who sat at the counter said to Nohea, one of our female cooks, that they were surprised how many women were in our kitchen. Sometimes I forget about this and when I looked around, we had five on the line, more than half the line is female now. There are definitely more women in the kitchen now than when I first started working in the restaurant nine years ago. And there are definitely more than when Chef Alan first opened the restaurant almost nineteen years ago. It's good to see that women are changing this once male dominated industry.

Thank you to all the women in management, administration, and in the kitchen, past and present, for all of their hard work and dedication and for paving the way for the future! And to all the hardworking women out there, Happy Belated International Women's Day!