We participated in the James Beard Foundation Awards Gala and Reception tonite at the Lincoln Center in NYC.  Being hosted by Chef "JB" Jonathan Benno of the Lincoln Restaurant made it so much easier for us because they are so close to the Lincoln Center; all we had to do was walk over with our food and stuff.

We also prepared the staff meal tonite for Lincoln Restaurant. JB wanted loco mocos; he even brought in some Spam. Michelle made a salad and they had sliced pineapple for dessert, then we made it over to the event.

All of a sudden I started to feel really old tonite. The old timers were here -- chefs Bradley Ogden, Norman Van Aken, Jimmy Schmidt, Larry Forgione, Susan Spicer, Jonathan Waxman, and Nancy Oakes. They mixed in some younger ones but, for the most part, the chefs putting food out were old school for sure. I saw a lot of old friends and chefs tonite. 

It is good to be back in NYC visiting, especially knowing that I will be back in Hawaii tomorrow. It was a great week in the Big Apple.