Jordan is in pastry, and in charge of a dessert for an event benefitting Kauai Community Colleges culinary program tonight.  He actually graduated from there and was nervous about going home to show how much he has learned, through this dessert.  The lesson is two fold.  First of all,  he had to collaborate with me to get the final dish as best as we could together, a process of tasting, going back and forth in fine tuning it, that could take more than several attempts.  The second lesson Jordan could not see at first.  That after tasting all three, I actually liked the last one enough to have him to do something else with it, in hopes of possibly exploring another dessert.  I said to him, " because you are not afraid to do this process with me,  you made these three things and actually have another, which would not have been possible at all unless he made the initial attempt. "    A golf analogy - when you are on the green and putting,  " if the ball doesn’t pass the hole,  you never had a chance anyway."    Jordan is young, has great potential,  and once he learns to overcome his fears and  insecurities,  he will see more, and become a great pastry chef.