Wow, two menu development sessions today -- one at King Street in the morning and the second out at Watabe in the late afternoon that lasted into the night.  I must have tasted over twenty dishes today.  What a gut buster for me.


Michelle and team, Pierson and Samantha, helped put this one together today.  It even inspired the two of them to make a pasta appetizer for tonight's service.  This kamaboko was interesting; first time I did it that way and came away really pleased with the texture. 

I grew up eating kamaboko in saimin, noodle salads, sandwiches, or as a dip.  It was always in the house.  We discussed the differences between a French style mousse and a Japanese fish paste turned into this kind of kamaboko.  A lot of it is texture; one is more elegant and the other was probably made with ingredients they had around.  I really like "oden", as it has a variety of kamaboko in one dish.