Vivian, our pastry chef, made this for me on Friday, it is gau. She didn’t use the traditional brown sugar, and made it in the shape of coi,  a symbol of good luck and many other things.   I really appreciated the thought.  I was also greeted this morning with a plate of dim sum from the AWRH girls, made me smile.  Thank you girls.  

   We welcome in the year of the horse.  I am born in the monkey year,   therefore I have a calendar on my refrigerator with Curious George on it.    It's appropriate because I am curious about all things.

We all hope everyone had a happy Chinese new year,  thank you for all of your support over all of these years.  I also want to thank our staff, who make it happen everyday.  We remain in service to you,  we will try our best, and appreciate all the memories we have created together.