We had cocktail menu development today, and this one was a  hit.  We are going to implement this tomorrow night.  It was inspired by a Japanese drink,  Ume Shu.  Usually I like it served cold, but sometimes I also like it served hot when it is cold outside in Japan.  Ume Shu consists of ume, shochu, and hot water, or club soda.  You mash up the ume, and it's sort of like muddling it in the glass.  Anyway, it reminded me of li hing mui.  We looked around for some and could only find the cooked ones that we use in other dishes.  So in went the cooked li hing mui with some syrup, out went the ume, and we muddled it with lemon peel.  The first glass was made with shochu, then I thought this would work with vodka.  The ladies liked the shochu, and the guys liked the vodka.  I married the two with a ratio of one to one, and we liked it. 

I have been thinking about Blackberry Farm lately because we will be returning in August for another event.  Because my time in Walland has been at the top of my mind, it made me think of a mason jar, and how cool the drink would be if we took the two drinks and let the customer put it in the mason jar and shake it up themselves.  The drink would be interactive and fun. The guest can taste and sip the Li Hing Shu made with shochu and the one made with vodka before they mix them together. 

Time is going by quickly, and August will be here before we know it.  We are honored to be a part of Blackberry Farm's 2012 Year.  It's been a few years since we we last visited, and our team is excited to return to see what they are doing on the Farm. Blackberry Farms, a Relais and Chateaux  property, is a beautiful place, I love what they do there, and I am looking forward to sharing our aloha and to have them "Taste Hawaii" with what we are going to serve.