Yesterday I was out at Magic Island doing the photo shoot for the Wall Street Journal.  A lot of families were pitching tents and lighting up hibachis, staking places for the July Fourth fireworks happening today,  and doing the family things.   Well,  I was cooking on the hibachi too, but it was for the photo shoot and not a family gathering.  Looking around at all the activity,  someone reminded me that this is how “real people” live.   I pondered over this all the way til today.  I don’t see traffic.  I don’t see the masses of people after their five o’clock day is over.  I don’t see people at that time of the evening.  I am usually indoors in a building of some kind.   Am I lucky for that,  or am I missing out on life?    This was fitting for me to view this video.   I am at peace now  because it is all about the coffee, and I am very happy and appreciative of the coffee.  It doesn’t matter what cup it comes in.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and Happy Fourth.  Celebrate, have fun, and be safe.  Thank you to all the men and women in uniform who keep the peace and go to battle so that we can have the life we have in America.