Often times, I will ask Michelle to plate a dish  with the same ingredients that I have and have already plated, and sometimes she will go off on her own and try to plate the dish in her own style.  She really has a good eye, and if there was a photo shoot to be done by a culinarian, she would be my first choice to do it.  Practical me, I will also think about how many ingredients, how many steps, how will we be able to put this out for 250 people, how many people will we need to do this, etc.  Michelle, on the other hand, is pure right brain.  She goes for the creativity and the art of the dish.  Never mind that we have twenty five ingredients and thirty touches, and we need all of her twenty family members to pull this one out.  Hahaha, in the end, she has a real talent for this, and it is something I appreciate very much.