It’s been awhile since our last senior citizen luncheon and today was our first of the year in 2014.  The picture is a great testament to both the young and the old this morning with everyone having fun being together. 

The theme of the food today was about dishes that we grew up eating and our kitchen crew put their best foot forward this morning!  It was fantastic to hear how some of the seniors grew up with similar if not the same dishes and how theirs may have been a little different.  Listening to them saying how they would have added this or would have added that was a great inspiration to all as it provided different perspectives, flavor combinations and ideas.

"Do not forget the hands or eyes of the aged; they have touched and seen much of life…much more than we have and they have become sensitive and sympathetic.  We need to treasure our elders and learn from them." - Unknown

Today was our own small way of paying them the respect they deserve and even now they’re still teaching us something.  Thank you 

~ Kerry Ichimasa, General Manager at Alan Wong's Honolulu

The first Moili’ili Seniors Luncheon of the year was on Sunday. Like every luncheon we try to have a theme, this time it was “Dishes We Grew Up Eating.” Only because recently meeting with Mac and Miki, our two KCC externs, and finding out they have not made too many dishes from their backgrounds, I wanted to see where everyone else in the kitchen was. I wanted to find out what they grew up eating. With so many cooks from different backgrounds, Filipino, mainland, Chamorro, Burmese, Japanese, it was good to see the many different dishes. The team did great and the flavors were enjoyed by all. For some it was the first time experiencing this type of community service.

As at all Seniors Luncheons, it was good to see the smiles on all the attendees’ faces. The kitchen staff worked until late the night before as they always do and they woke up early Sunday morning to  cook their dishes and sat down and conversed with all of the senior citizens in attendance, sharing each others’ stories and friendship. Some of the staff commented that this was a fun one as the seniors were so happy. The oldest lady was 94 years old and she looked so happy and healthy. It’s always good to see that the company of the cooks is enjoyed by the elders. And as at every luncheon the seniors give back to the staff something they learned. This time it was exercising to Japanese music which everyone participated in and learned how to stretch, relax, and be happy. 

~ Miya Nishimura, Chef de Cuisine at Alan Wong's Honolulu