This is Kelsey's "spam musubi no hands," meaning your hands don’t get used and don’t get dirty.  A spam musubi is usually wrapped in nori but, with this one, it’s a "casserole" as she calls it, and you need a knife and fork.  It’s the first time I have ever seen something like that, and it was really ono and so local.


Hong's chop chae, Korean rice noodle salad.


Sous Chef Shaun Gaines having everyone explain their dishes to the seniors of Moiliili Community Center.


Sonny's Filipino Kabocha Sari Sari.


Shaun's biscuits and gravy.


David has a German mom, so he made spaetzle.


Anicea made Japanese oyako donburi.


Graham is from North Carolina and made these hushpuppies.


Keaka's shoyu chicken.


Michelle made tuna salad out of freshly made tuna confit on crackers and pickled onions.


 Alex, our CIA pastry extern from the Philippines, made cream puffs with coconut and okinawan sweet potato.


Jasmine's almond float.


Mar is home from opening Amasia on Maui; he serves honey iced tea.


Michelle and Pierson serves the three types of loco mocos.


Graham's Succotash Salad with Cornbread Croutons

It's always nice to see someone catch on fire in their career.  Ever since Graham started going to Otsuji Farms and volunteering his services working on the farm, he has been a different culinarian.  He wants to take on more responsibilities, learn more and be able to work different stations.  He is also proud of his upbringing in North Carolina (I'd call it "foothill cuisine," being on the Blue Ridge Mountains which I enjoyed seeing in West Virginia -- beautiful country). We get fresh okra from Ho Farms and here he pickled it and also fried some.  He knows his version of succotash and reinterpreted it, making an apple butter and dressing with it. It was very tasty, and I am so happy to see him grow.