Farmer Series Dinner Dessert featuring Hanaoka Farms Lilikoi (passion fruit)

Michelle Karr, our pastry chef,  is playing in liquid nitrogen to come up with a dessert featuring Hanaoka Farms Lilikoi (passion fruit) and Waiaiwi (strawberry guava).  This is still a work in progress, and it's all part of the process of developing a dish.  Using liquid nitrogen creates a hard, crispy texture on the outside because it freezes very fast.  I once had a floating island done like this and also a cocktail poured into the liquid nitrogen and watched it turn into a slush.  It would make for a very fast ice cream as well.  I would not recommend using this medium if you don't have using liquid nitrogen.  It could be dangerous.

Hanaoka Farms Lilikoi (passion fruit) "Cannoli"

This dessert by Michelle Karr is headed for The Pineapple Room menu soon.  It's a frozen dessert that's very refreshing and has good acid, which reflects the passion fruit.  Although not a true cannoli by the Italian definition, it is her reinterpretation as well as a use of one of my favorite local ingredients.