Half an hour more, then we find out how Sonny did in the Competition, even though he is already a winner just by being here.  Two competitors were sous chefs and Sonny is but a Cook III.  He did all of us proud.

Question:  "So, Sonny, would you do it again?"

Sonny's response:  "Yes.  The next time I need more distractions, so I can get used to it.  I was too distracted here today."

I'm glad you all are watching.  I hope Hawaii is too.  It is very exciting to be here, more than it was when I was a judge the last time in 2009.  I think the students are excited here at the the CIA because they can relate more to the ages and experience levels versus tomorrow's competition where the more experienced chefs will compete.  Their competition will be at the highest level, and we expect nothing less.  They will have to cook cod or chicken, the same chicken assignment that Sonny had.  I judge the cod tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a piece of cake compared to today.  Wow, lau lau.