One of my favorite things to do at a tailgate or backyard hibachi get together is to throw on a "bag."  What that means is folding aluminum foil into pouch that will be sealed with food in it, then steamed right on top of the hot grill.  The liquid steams and puffs the bag up, making it look like a big bag of popcorn.  This one had kalua pig, Keahole lobster, clams, Kauai shrimp, opihi, spinach, and tomatoes.  The French will say the method is called, "en papillote" which is originally in folded parchment paper.  

While we were at Ala Moana Beach Park, a tremendous amount of people started to come to Magic Island and either pitched tents or started hibachis, all reserving space for tomorrow's July Fourth Fireworks celebration.  As Leigh put it to me,  this is how real people are like.  The request for the photo shoot was about me throwing a party,  and it brought me back to a time when I loved being outdoors, at the beach, with a hibachi going, friends, food, beverages, and having fun talking story together.

It started off as trying to roast a whole pineapple on the grill.  I was actually trying to kill time and get rid of mise en place.  I thought it might be a different taste and take on the pineapple.  Well,  dessert time came around quickly, and Michelle wanted to make s'mores out of Waialua chocolate and her homemade graham cracker cookies.  She put the marshmallows on such a short toothpick that your hands would burn from the heat.  So I stuck 'em onto the pineapple. They were perfectly suspended above the fire and in a minute you had a wonderfully evenly toasted brown marshmallow on one side.  Home made marshmallow, of course.