I would have never imagined that Kikkoman made plum wine. We tasted about six different plum wines tonight.  What a tough job.   Amasia is coming along very well.  Don't worry it's not driving me to drink plum wine.  For just being open for less than a month,  I am most happy about seeing a lot of locals dining with us.  Even some of our regulars from Honolulu have come to Maui to dine at the new restaurant.  Tomorrow brings more locals from Honolulu as we get closer to the Grand Opening on Monday.  It's not a fine tuned machine yet.  However, it really has a lot of good things happening, and it is setting up really nicely for the future.  I hope you all get to see it one day to come try it out.  The staff continues to be the backbone, and they continue to improve day by day.