Food brings people together.   A picture documents a moment forever.  Some pictures may not mean anything to anyone except to the one taking the shot.   Time might pass, but a look at a picture will bring you back into that moment and time, with the people you spent it with,  enjoying that moment.  I was in the kitchen with Miya, she had gotten me a whole crab, and so I decided to show her how I would make my version of a cioppino. Of which, when I think of San Francisco, that's one of the things I think of most,  a great bowl of this soup at Fisherman's Wharf.  As usual , I made a lot, enough to have some managers come to the table, sit around, and enjoy a bowl of soup together.  I like these times, to see everyone eat what I had just cooked, it reminds me of when I was younger, trying to cook for my friends and family back home,  the original reasons why I wanted to be a cook -  to make people happy.