Tuesday morning, I entered the King Street dining room to find several of our chefs and managers gathered around a table enjoying cioppino prepared by Chef Alan.  As so many times happens, Chef Alan spent the morning in the kitchen teaching and mentoring.  This impromptu meal was a result of the morning of learning and growth.

I was a little nervous to be invited over to the table surrounded by culinarians and veteran managers in the middle of what looked like a meeting, however, I was curious about what was going on.  As I pulled up a chair and a bowl, I quickly realized that this was simply a group of my peers enjoying great food and each other’s company. 

One of the first things we share with all new employees at Alan Wong’s Restaurants is our mission statement.  In our mission, we commit to creating an environment of learning and growth, being the best we can be, as well as fostering a sense of ohana for our guests and each other.  Many times, a company’s mission statement is no more than pretty words on a piece of paper with little connection to the true culture and operations of the company.  As I sat around the table eating a second helping of stew, it occurred to me that Alan Wong’s is a place where we live our mission.  It isn’t contrived or forced, it is simply who we are.  Yesterday morning, as a result of learning and growth, we came together and connected as a team and a family.

~Jill Briney, HR Manager