Training continues at Alan Wong's Amasia.  This week we are going live with the first of many dry runs.  This is the lounge area where the front of the house is going through last minute details before service.  Everyone is nervous with first day jitters, but we all have great anticipation for the start of opening day ramp up.

Ready or not, here we go.  Ready or not, the opening day will arrive.  The first customer will be seated, and the first order will come into the kitchen and appear on the boards.  Everyone will freeze for a moment, and we will make our first mistake.  It seems negative to say that, but it really isn't.  Mistakes are necessary in the recipe for success and are really great moments for learning. One of my definitions of success is, "it doesnt matter what happens to you, or who did it to you, when, how, or why.  What matters most to be successful, is what you do after it happens to you."  I told the crew this, and I told them that we need to have the intention of wanting to learn from our mistakes, wanting to bounce back, getting mad at ourselves, improving, and working as a team, picking each other up, and staying together.  Be positive.  Be optimistic.  Everything will be all right. Come together as a team.

Dee Ann, Jaysen, and look who is here, Yukio, our chef from our former restaurant in Japan.  He is here to lend a hand, and maybe learn a few things.  He has always exhibited a desire to learn.