Okolehao is a liqueur made from the root of the ti leaf plant.  In old Hawaii, this is how they made their home brew distilled "moonshine."   Now, it is legally made in Hawaii, 40 proof,  80% alcohol, and very potent.  At first nose, it smells of vanilla, or to be exact, what I call football seed (it is a type of crack seed).  The "jus" in this dish is made from okolehao, soy, vinegar, lemon, jalapeno, ginger, and red onion.  Even though it’s a cold dish, I feel a little warm right now.  Good for me, Gang.    If you like raw oysters, six will go down pretty fast.  This is probably great with a side of Okolehao on ice.  This will be on the menu tonight at Alan Wong's Honolulu.